“ During one session with Kyela I experienced a heat in my left leg and foot almost to the point of discomfort, then over the next week I began to feel my muscles in my leg and buttocks for the first time in 2 years (since an accident)”
“Since coming to Kyela’s sessions I have benefited in so many ways, and on so many levels. My sleep patterns have gone from 2-6hrs a night to 7-12hrs a night.
I have also experienced physical healings. I came once with kidney stones and through the session I was able to move them with the sounds and pass them the following day. It has balanced and re-aligned my chakras. One of my goals has been to see all 7 chakra colours which I have achieved on a few occasions.
I have also been lucky enough to have received messages from people who have passed over during the meditation sessions.
One of the best things is how every week is different bringing new experiences through sound.
I feel very privileged to be part of Miranda and Karl’s special gift of sound. They are so musically in tune with each other it truly is a wonderful experience. On which I am sure everyone can enjoy”
For the past year I have given myself over to the healing harmonics of Kyela.
Everyone's experience is different. For me, I've never slept better and felt more at peace. I believe vibrational therapy has the potential to ease discomfort in the mind  as well as the body. Works for me.
Kyela Sound Therapy was one of the most amazing relaxation experiences I have ever had. Normally I cannot lay flat on my back, because of spasms, but the sounds of the Tibetan bowls just relaxed my body and mind. I was able to lay without any spasms. Just amazing, it really works.
LEE 22/2/14
Kyela conducted a Sound Therapy Workshop for Community Care staff and volunteers at a training day on 22nd January 2014. The workshop was well presented and well-resourced. Staff and vounteer feedback was very positive in terms of the relaxation techniques demonstrated.
GED HINES Manager, Community Care Lifespan Services 12/2/14
My 9 year old granddaughter suffered the loss of her Father and needed nightly massages to her shoulders and neck to release the stress knots . Thanks to your CD with the bowls being played we haven’t had to do this for months and she is now sleeping well every night.
PAULINE 8/4/14